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Sitecore expertise for agencies with too many other things to worry about.

You already have ingenious strategists, brilliant creatives and clients who’ve invested in some pretty remarkable marketing technology, including Sitecore's Experience Platform. But you realize the sheer complexity and rapid evolution of these cross-channel digital marketing platforms require a team with specialized skills to make it all run seamlessly. And you know what’s at stake – your client relationships.

With over 16 years of technical expertise, 50+ Sitecore certified developers and 5 Sitecore MVPs, our deep skills in Sitecore development, integration and support along with our options for hosting and managed services let you focus on the stuff you do best while we make sure it all works.

Partnering with Verndale Agency Services

Our Value

Our value to you is not just our technical expertise. It’s the confidence earned through successfully delivering hundreds of business critical Sitecore projects on time and on budget. It’s the transparency of our estimates and extensive methodology. It’s the professionalism of an account team that you can trust to navigate the ever evolving complexities of a Sitecore implementation. It’s the foresight to build your clients an extensible Sitecore infrastructure that enables you to run, track and bill for multiple campaigns. It’s the Sitecore best practice guidelines provided to help you consider the best way to creatively execute within the technology. And it’s the comfort of having a partner that can keep you educated on the latest advances in Sitecore's digital marketing technology.

How We Engage

Verndale Agency Services is flexible in the way we approach a Sitecore project with regard to visibility and access to the client, project management and invoicing based on the specific requirements of a given engagement. Our proven process ensures timely and correct delivery regardless of how the project is structured. Regular updates on Sitecore project status, development, QA, budget and other critical factors give our agency partner deep insight into status and progress.

Digital A-Team

For this engagement, Verndale Agency Services leads the Sitecore development. As your expert digital team, we can provide you with the expertise to build the platform and you can take the credit. This is our most efficient and cost effective model, and takes the best advantage of our process and Sitecore expertise. You’ll provide high-level project communication and account management for the client and after designs and wireframes are complete, you can hand the project off to us.

Technology Co-Pilot

Verndale Agency Services works “virtually” alongside your agency. We’ll join the project once the design and scope of work has been defined, bringing in our Sitecore subject matter expertise. Working right alongside your team, you can leverage a good deal of our process to mitigate cost and risk.

Talent On-Demand

We supplement your team. With our team of on-demand Sitecore developers, we can provide the expertise you need when you’re short on time and talent.

Other Services


Verndale Agency Services' Sitecore hosting services are cost-effective, scalable and backed by an expert team that understands the unique needs of agencies and brands.

Managed Services

Verndale Agency Services goes beyond just ping, pipe and power Sitecore hosting support. We offer enhanced levels of application monitoring, oversight and support services.

Microsites and Mobile For Agencies

Microsites and mobile solution technology platforms can make or break a campaign. Verndale Agency Services implements Sitecore solutions that integrate with your IT strategy, are reliable even during extreme demand and deliver deep metrics for tuning.