Usability Consulting

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Ensuring success prior to launch through product and concept testing.

Will your customers be able to use the experience you offer them? Are they able to complete simple tasks without getting frustrated? Our usability testing solutions can tell you – before you spend a fortune bringing it to market. And we can either do it remotely or in our Experience Design Lab, located in our South Boston Headquarters.

In order to fulfill the needs of the experience’s strategy and visual goals, we first get a full debrief on the conversion metrics and content hierarchy. Once we’ve got those pieces locked in, we move into audience segmentation and selection where we can either recruit the respondents for you or work with your recruiting firm.

From there, our Usability experts develop customized test plans based on real life tasks. Tasks reflect site usage and strategic functionality across the product. By using a product called Morae, usability testing can be conducted virtually anywhere (on-site in Boston or at a location of your choice), which not only cuts down on travel expenses, but simplifies the logistics of testing on a tight timeline.

After test participants sit one-on-one with our usability experts to complete the defined tasks on a site, the verbal, visual, and performance feedback is collected and analyzed across each task and each participant using a click path of features, functions or site content areas. All data is compiled into a report which includes recommendations on what usability issues need to be addressed and a solution on how to solve each issue. Once approved, we determine whether or not the items to be enhanced should be estimated for design and development.

Additional methods of research are also managed out of our Usability Consulting practice. These include:

  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Site Benchmarking
  • Focus Groups
  • Card Sorting