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Working with multi-national, multi-brand enterprises to deliver their message to audiences across the globe.

You're looking to standardize your strategy as best you can, but that doesn’t mean a one size fits all for your international audiences. We understand this dynamic more than most. Verndale works with global organizations to build extendable frameworks that enable successful internationalization marketing strategies.

From basic multilingual, global websites to complex, multi-site internationalization deployments, our strategies are more than just translating site content. To be successful in meeting the needs of your users across the globe, there needs to be an understanding of content strategy & governance within your organization, how it will be translated and tailored for individual markets, and how to architect and implement in a technically sound fashion.

Verndale's experience technology (XT) skillsets in strategy, experience design and technology help clients plan, design and build for high complexity internationalization deployments.

Let's tap into these areas to get your internationalization strategy rolling:

  • Organizational Content Strategy & Governance Model
  • Content Translation Service & Delivery Strategy
  • CXM Integration for Internationalization